Monday, January 26, 2015

Sixth blog

First semester is over, second is just beginning. 

To be blunt, I obviously haven't gotten much physical work done with this project. Up to this point it has mostly been me mentally trying to figure out where to go with this opportunity, trying to figure out what I'm most passionate. And then somehow I had to make a goal and a project out of it. And that's not an easy task. 

Now that I have my mind set about what I want to do, and I have narrowed down my approach, I can continue to move forward with it.. So here is my overall plan:

I want to first of all raise awareness for depression among teens. Second, I want to maybe do something to prevent it/ help it. I'm going to work on smaller projects, accomplish goal by goal just trying to make a difference. Trying to make an impact. 

I know a lot of students anxiety comes from school, I'm going to try and start at the route and see what I can do to change that. Being a student myself I can understand where there's things come from. Just small, problem solving projects are what I'm going to be focusing on. 

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