Monday, February 9, 2015

Seventh blog

Well what can I say. Still not much physical progress. This is 100% my fault, I probably could be making more progress on this, but whenever I do try i come up with nothing.

My project is one more of mental an motivational work, then physical work. I'm interested in giving a Ted talk where I can explain what my project has been and why I'm so passionate about this. I would also love to raise awareness for suicide and depression with this talk, I feel like I could get really into it. 

My current plan of action is just to think of ways to make a difference. I'm done googling things and trying to find organizations, because that's not something I really feel passionate about. I want to look at the root of some people's problems and think of ways to help solve them. 

One root I'm looking into is school. It is the root of so much stress and anxiety, which go hand and hand with depression. The amount of times students, even myself, stress cry over too much homework and tests and just get overwhelmed with everything, is just not okay. I don't think teachers realize this. I was thinking about maybe trying to bring up a policy with some teachers that gives one excused assignment to a student per quarter, so next time someone gets so overwhelmed and has a breakdown, they can just take their mental health over the stress of their grade. Also, more options for make up tests or alternatives to testing because some students are just not good testers. My friends have told me about how they have panic attacks during tests and hyperventilate, sometimes they have walked out in the middle of tests crying in the bathroom.  I want to figure out how to help with this problem. 

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