Monday, May 11, 2015


Newton's third law states "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". Therefor without the first action, there would be no reaction. This is something that was evident to me during this project. You won't get anything done unless you really put forth the effort.

I'll be the first to acknowledge that I'm not the most driven person. In other words I'm pretty lazy, and enjoy my relaxing time more than the average person should. That showed in my project because I really didn't get any physical work done. However, even though I wish I did more with this opportunity, I'm okay with how it turned out.

My main struggle with this project was that I didn't know what to do that would help my cause. I've always been passionate about the whole depression/suicide thing, especially over this school year. But whenever I would look at these different organizations and charities that we're for my cause, none of them seemed to really be able to help anything. And I didn't want to invest my time in something I wasn't passionate about. That's not what I thought 20 time was, just doing something just to get it done. 

So after I finally realized I couldn't find anything that really clicked for me to put my time into, I decided on prioritizing my talk. My project would be more about spreading the word and the importance of happiness. I'll continue into next year and try to get my plan installed of the one assignment per quarter that a student can turn in a day late for full credit, just to lift off some of that extra stress. I just want to help with the little things where I can. I also got into link crew, so I want to be able to talk to and help my freshman next year.  And I'll try to spread the word through school as much as possible. 

Overall, I'm very fortunate and grateful to be part of this project. I figured out some stuff about myself as a person and as a student along the way, and it was an overall great experience. Even though I didn't fulfill my beginning goals and I didn't make a huge impact, I made one in myself and that's something I can grow on.